Top Ten Rules to the Opening!

There are many rules and principles for the three different stages of a chess game, but the focus of this article is how to “get out of the gates” in a hurry!

Rule #1 – Develop Your Pieces!

Development means “to build and create”. Development, loosely translated to “chess terms”, means that in the beginning of the game you need to develop your position by getting all of your pieces out as fast as possible. Using your entire army is an absolute must when playing chess at a high level.

Rule #2 – Develop Your Pieces!

Wait a second, isn’t that the same rule… Hhhhmmm, that’s weird. Anyway, what I’d like to point out with rule #2 is which pieces you should be developing first: In general, your “minor” pieces should come out first. The minor pieces are your Knights and Bishops. They’re the easiest to develop, and because your Rooks and Queen can’t really get into the game until later (see rules 5 and 8) you shouldn’t be thinking about moving “the big guys” until the “little guys” are in the game.

Rule #3 – To Develop Your Pieces, or Not to Develop Your Pieces? DEVELOP!

Yes, development really is that important! Develop, develop, develop your pieces… Without the help of all your dudes, how can you expect to win? With rule #3 I’d like to talk about where you should be developing the pieces: Though rule #7 will reiterate this idea, establish in your thinking now that the best place to develop your pieces is toward the center. Below you will see a fun example of what, in a perfect world, might be the “best” way to develop your pieces:

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